Wattmeter Auxiliary Power Connector Cable

Meter Auxiliary power connector

Auxiliary Power
Connector Cable

Our Auxiliary Power Connector Cable makes it easy to connect the "Watt's Up" meter to an optional power source like a battery pack, power supply, etc.

It also allows resetting the meter's accumulated measurements to zero on meters in current production (e.g. versions 2.1 or higher).

The cable plugs into the meter's auxiliary power connector socket on our meters. Other end has bare, tinned leads.

12" long, 22 AWG, high-flexibility (60 strand), silicone insulated wire makes it easy to use. Connector has gold plated contacts. Wires are colored, brown, red, orange.

While not required (since the meter can get power from the measured circuit), it is very handy to have for many applications.

Connect red lead to plus voltage and brown lead to minus. See meter instructions and specifications for details and allowable voltages.

Orange lead (pin 3) connects to the Reset signal. Briefly connect it to 0 volts (minus lead) to reset the meter as described in the meter's documentation.

model: conn100  



Wattmeter Auxiliary Power Connector